Warzone hacker cheats while broadcasting on Twitch

There are a lot of cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone but it’s not every day we see them take their lives on Twitch.

Warzone cheats in the Twitch channel are found to be cheating on purpose, regardless of the developers’ work or other players’ fun with their games. Raven Software has been battling these cheaters for months now, but it seems difficult for them to fully contain them.

Some hackers can create their own in-game skins and there’s something for everyone, but few dare to stream on Twitch.


Added some elements of the Ural Mountains map in Verdansk 84.

This cheater and the game itself was playing in front of many spectators to eliminate players and win victories without any problem. He also explained why he chose the game: “I was tired of playing cheaters so I thought I’d do the same.”

This is very counter-thinking because this is not how the developers will be able to fight all the cheaters in the game.

A Reddit user posted a clip from the mid-game streaming device that has already received over 10,000 upvotes. One of the viewers in the video asks him: “So you’re ruining the game for those who just want to play, maybe just for some time in the day?”

he answered: “Yes, find another game.”

From the moment a person decides to show himself cheating in public, it is difficult to understand his reasons. While he still hopes that Twitch will take action on him, just like the developers of Warzone.

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