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A few weeks ago, Google started rolling out reddish It started, which has already made its way to the first smart screens and is likely to also work as a hidden operating system in the near future. But as much as you hide the product, you’re open in some places: now Google developers have opened an official Discord channel, which should highlight many interesting details.

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The situation around Fuchsia is quite intriguing, because although Google has provided the source code of the operating system and even its freely accessible documentation for years, it is not talking about the operating system. Even rolling out smart displays to end users has been a secret that hasn’t been officially announced. This indicates that the program should remain hidden in the near future. And now it goes in the opposite direction at another point.

Fuchsia developers have one Servant of Discord It is open, which is freely available to all interested parties and could produce a lot of interesting information in the future. There are interested developers as well as curious users in the room, as well as a whole bunch of Fuchsia developers from Google. So there should be a lot of discussions and questions answered. Perhaps observers will also exchange ideas about how they actually use fuchsia.

It is an official channel created by Google. Since Fuchsia does not yet have a real channel for ads apart from the documentation, it is quite possible to do so at this point. Since the end users are not dealt with at all, this could be a good solution. Google put together its perfect platform for such a project, Google+, with wise foresight.

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Discord is reddish

Currently the server consists of three channels through which individual categories can be discussed: once the product Fuchsia in general, once helproom and once channel by channel – again a bit weird. It is entirely possible that other discussion threads will follow where questions will be answered. It would be a kind of “ask me anything” with the Fuchsia team that would be interesting and could yield a lot of information.

Since Fuchsia’s Discord server is currently in the media, there are currently mainly questions from interested users who want to know more about the future of Fuchsia, ask about the next device class and prefer to install Fuchsia on the Pixel 5. However, so far, there have been no Answers to these questions I believe Google has strict internal guidelines on what is and what is not disclosed there.

Just take a look. I can imagine that fuchsia will soon be found quite frequently in the media – and of course also here on the blog – despite its stealth mode.

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