Frédéric Goupil de Bouillé, new president of ADI

Frederic Goebel de Boilly
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Frédéric Jubel de Boulet succeeds Gilles Allard as President of the Association of Estate Managers (ADI). Styles and characteristics of the CEO of the subsidiary SNCF Immobilier, the person concerned has held various positions in various real estate departments of large groups such as Renault and, since 2014, SNCF.

Once elected, he indicated the goals set by the ADI that he intends to pursue and amplify as president: to promote influence actions for the benefit of corporate real estate; Continuing monitoring, advice and research work on the main topics that cut across the profession such as corporate social responsibility, new work organizations and the strategy of creating or re-industrial France while enhancing the production of ADI studies; Support and train the new generation of emerging property managers.

He stated of his decision: “I have been fortunate at both Renault and SNCF to fill all the positions that real estate management can contain in France and abroad.” “The property manager job has taught me a lot and allowed me to take on many challenges and challenges and I am very grateful to him. I am therefore honored to chair ADI today which I will fully commit to.”

The Board of Directors now consists of Jerome Arnault (Alstom Group), General Secretary, Marc-Antoine Ducruc (State Estate Board), Treasurer, Anne-Christine Proust Delauvrier (Bazin), Vice President, and Pauline Koch (Sitwe), Vice President. Frédéric Goupil de Bouillé asked Gilles Allard (Agiles) to continue working in this office.


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