Amazon presenta Proteus, su primer robot para almacén totalmente autónomo

In a post that reviews the past 10 years since he bought the company from robots howAmazon has unveiled its new hardware, including its first fully autonomous warehouse robot. It’s called Proteus and it’s designed to be able to navigate around facilities Amazon By itself while transporting carts full of packages.


The company said that the robot usesadvanced technology Security, Perception, and Navigation” which he developed to be able to perform his function without hindering human personnel.

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In the video you posted Amazonyou can see Proteus Navigating under cars and transporting them to other places. It emits a green beam in front of it as it moves, and stops if a human worker is standing in front of the crossbar.

The desired goal is Amazon is to automate the handling of your parcel carts to reduce the need for human workers to manually move them around your facility.

In fact, the giant E-Commerce confirmed that his robots It has been designed to create a safer workplace for people.

From the early days of acquisition howOur vision has never been linked to a binary decision of people or technology. Instead, it was about people and technology working together in a safe and harmonious way to deliver their services to our customers.”


new post Robot Call Basic It was also designed with the idea of ​​minimizing the risk of injury to employees. Basic It’s a robotic arm that picks up packages, reads their labels, and then places them in the appropriate shopping cart for the next stage of the shipping process.

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Artificial intelligence and vision the computer Allows you to correctly classify packages.

Amazon It is currently testing a prototype that can lift boxes up to 50 pounds and hopes to implement robotic arm In the distribution centers for the next year.

Finally, the company also revealed that it is working on a technology Artificial intelligence which can scan packets automatically. Currently, workers have to scan barcodes on packages with handheld scanners; This technique will eliminate the need to do so.

With this scanning capability, human operators do not even need to pause while packets are being sorted: the system can quickly identify the packet that is passing through Camera.

Amazon explained that its camera works at a rate of 120 frames per second and works with machine vision technology and machine learning.

E-commerce giant introduced several robots Over the years it has always emphasized that its purpose is to improve security in its repositories.

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