Henry Cavill will work with director John Wake to reproduce the movie Highlander

Henry Cavill He is one of the most loved actors by the public.

Whether in his roles as Superman, as Geralt de Rivia in “The Witcher”, Henry Cavill He knew how to captivate the audience.

And this time Henry Cavill He can continue to please his schoolchildren in “Highlander”.

Henry Cavill and “Highlander”?

According to reports, Henry Cavill Is it Favorite Actor, To have the leading role in the new version of Highlander.

Fictional action story ‘Highlander’ Revolves around a group of Dead warriors, Known as “mountain climbers.”

On ‘Highlander’ Warriors follow each other in order to compete in combat. In this way they become the most powerful warriors.

‘Highlander’ It is an American and British story that appeared in the 1980s. However, a new version is currently being planned.

Although it is important to clarify that as of now, it is not known if the new version of “Highlander” will be a reproduction, a re-release or something different.

Chad Stahelsky, Director, John Wake, Director of “Highlander”

This new version of ‘Highlander’ directed by Chad Stahelsky Also known for directing the series John Wake.

According to reports, Henry Cavill Is it Favorite candidate For this new project by Chad Stahelsky.

However, yet last Henry Cavill And “Highlander”.

This is because Henry Cavill It is still decided whether or not to be a part of this new project.

There are rumors of his commitment to the Netflix series. “The Witcher” may be limiting it to be a part of the new edition of “Highlander”.

But before further speculation can be made on the matter, we will have to wait for Henry Cavill’s final decision.

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