CAB Toulouse lost at home against 8-26

With this fourth defeat domestically, CAB is complicating life in the race to maintain, and its destiny cannot be fully at hand.

After the reception of enthusiastic supporters, inside A fiery environment rarely found in PrivLet this important game finally begin.

The first great opportunity is Toulouse, but Herv In the Prive In-goal (8th) he performs a masterful defensive caution by getting the ball out of Ramos’ hands.

But in the process, the audience finds their little geniuses and scores, DuPont. 0-7 (9e)

Following Fomuina’s (17th) bad gesture, the score was reduced to 14 in the remaining game.

This does not prevent the opening of the Hauts-Garonne from widening the gap RamosRevenge for the stadium’s whistles. 0-10 (26 e)

The same Ramos failed 3 ‘back from 50 meters.

Quite roughly, the Privists failed to create real opportunities.

The first period ends in chaos, with the beginning of a typical fight eventually going without effect. 0-10 during the breakSo, in an atmosphere that unfortunately fell …

When he returns from the locker room and thinks the label is flat in a corner, a great thrill runs through the space of the stadium, but the referee Ms. An early knock-off by Raine, captain Hiros was out with an injuryAppreciated by 13979 visitors.

After a good rush from Voisin, the CAB finally gets a better sentence. Herv Boss, with the help of the post, finally opens his own counter, 3-10 (50e)

In the 57th game, Tuizhu tries to equalize, but he goes ahead and stumbles against the billboards.

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On the contrary, Toulouse only thanks to the foot RamosStill cheering from the stadium. 3-13 (63e)

Ramos This is followed by a new Correze error 3 minutes later. 3-16 (66e)

The current French champions extinguished the last Prive hope with a strong effort then signed Meefoo, 3-23 (71e)

Estepan Abadi He maintains respect by taking himself as a winger, but it is too late. 8-23 (77e)

And it is equivalent Ramos The one who closes the score on the penalty after the siren, 8-26 score final.

While waiting for the Castres-Perpignan end tomorrow evening, The CAB is no longer in control of its destiny, and this is the first time this season. Whatever happens, the future of the Privists will be decided in a state franchise in two weeks, while the USAP Union will receive Bordeaux-Beckles.


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