Why the classic is electric again

PSG and OM meet at the end of the 32nd day of Ligue 1 this Sunday for a shock that promises to be electric both on and off the field. In front of an angry public, the Parisians could almost confirm the 10th national crown during the victory, while renewing the suspense (a little) in the race for the title of Marseilles.

Despite the 12-point difference before the 32nd day kick-off, the taste of the classic poster between PSG and OM has not diminished. The primary competition of the French Championship, the Parc des Princesses, promises to be electric on and off the field. Descriptions.

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A twist towards the fight for the title

Seven days from the end, PSG had nine fingers on the hexagon. With 12 points ahead of the best rival, Kylian Mbabane’s team could have killed almost all the suspense if they had won this Sunday night at 10:40 at the Parc des Princes. If PSG wins the shock, it will be six points ahead of its rival by six points from the end. The title could be mathematically verified if Marseille did not win against Nantes, despite a win over the Angers on Day 33.

If OM wins at the park, the gap between the two systems will be reduced to nine units with six games remaining. Although George Sambali’s men have a sophisticated schedule between the Championship (Nantes, Lyon, Rennes, Strasbourg) and Europa Conference League (semi-final against Feyenoord), it will (slightly) renew the race for the title. .

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Tension in the stand

Since leaving in the 16th round of the Champions League against Real Madrid, Paris supporters have continued to express their dissatisfaction. After the whistles against Bordeaux and Lorient, especially against Lionel Messi and Neymar and the banners, the Ultras of the Capital Club should calm their displeasure against Marseille on Sunday. Lack of affection that does not affect players like Neymar.

“We do not like to lose, it’s very difficult, it happened in Madrid, but we have to keep going, it hurts us a lot, it hurts, it hurts, because we were hoping to go. The Champions League final. I know it’s very difficult for the fans to accept this defeat. But it’s more for us, “the Brazilian explained in the prime video after the victory over the Hawks.

The last gala poster of Paris

Without the Champions League, get out of shock against Manchester City or Liverpool. Since being eliminated in C1 in mid-March, the Parisians have only won the controversial championship. With the exception of PSG’s last major competition classic this season, very few posters are in jeopardy because the calendar promises to be relatively quiet until the end of the championship (Angers, Lens, Strasbourg, Troyes, Montpellier, Metz).

For their part, OM could further spice up the final weeks of the competition and better prepare for the semi-finals of the Europa Conference League against Feyenoord (head to the Netherlands on April 28 and return to France on May 5), with the goal of becoming runner-up for PSG. Marseillais will be battling it out with Rennes and could take advantage of the Bretons’ defeat against Monaco to take a six-point lead during the victory.

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A match again

In recent years, the rivalry between the two clubs has lost some flavor as the Parisians have clearly dominated conflicts for a long time. But over the past two seasons, Marseille has shown the muscles to run 0-0 on the velotrome. After being shocked by Neymar’s racist allegations against Alvaro Gonzalez, Dmitry Payet’s team won last season at the Parc des Princes (0-1).

One and a half years after this fight, the Spanish defender is definitely put on the shelf by his coach, but he has not forgotten this confrontation. “Personally I do not want to remember him because he’s ugly (in” fue feo “, VO), he treated me very badly from a football standpoint and in his personal life,” Alvaro explained in an interview. Like last February. The two have been exchanging on social websites for a long time.


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