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As far as possible, he will have eleven starts in the opening match of the European Championship against Macedonia (6pm on the live stream) in the head, there are still only two or three positions.

With this key position in personal poker, team boss Franco Foda has started the final week of preparation for the Euro after testing against Slovakia.

As usual, the German will, of course, not reveal who will actually send him to the field on Sunday in Bucharest.

Much will ultimately depend on what position 55-year-old David Alaba plays in and whether Marko Arnautovic returns to the starting line-up or remains a key card.

Regarding Alaba, the team boss has already decided internally: “We have already decided where he will play and have already talked about it. I ask for your understanding that I can’t tell you yet.”

A quick look at the open questions:


Marko Arnautovic in the starting lineup or Joker? And if he is in the starting lineup, then besides Sasa Kalajdzic or the solo top instead of a shooting star?

Arnautovic himself leaves no doubt about his ability to play from the start.

Fouda confirmed, “This is also talked about. Any player who says otherwise will not be in the right place here. But the coach must decide.”

The ÖFB coach recalls the strong moments the goalkeeper had after his substitution against Slovakia. The training week in Seefeld was also “very promising”.

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Arnautovic can change the game

“I have to make the decision whether it suits us from the start, or whether I think Marko might come back later in order to give the team a new impetus,” Fouda said.

If he is fit, Arnautovic should tend to be in the starting line-up, although the team boss clearly praises the qualities of the Joker in the Chinese Legion: “He has shown that he is capable of changing the game. In this regard, he will also be an upcoming option at the time. later.”

Dual driving with Calajdic does not seem to be ruled out. But Fouda did not try them in a match.

“In training we started with two tips. It wouldn’t be a risk for us because we’ve already partially done it. In Scotland we played with two tips, we often played with one tip. In this regard, it’s always an option. In the end, I have to decide if Marco is ready. For 90 minutes or not, Fouda says.

Alaba’s role:

In Alaba, there is no doubt that he will play if nothing unexpected happens. However, his position is of great importance to who will make it to the starting lineup.

Some variables:

  • If Foda introduces future Real-Kicker as a left-back, there will be no free place for Andreas Ulmer in the starting lineup.
  • If Alaba often plays on the left wing, as it has recently, then perhaps this means that Christoph Baumgartner should return to the right wing. The two switched teams repeatedly in the England Test. Baumgartner also seems to feel more comfortable on the left. If Baumgartner is called on the left wing, it will be interesting to see who will move on the right wing. In terms of potential, Valentino Lazaro would be the logical choice, but in the end it wasn’t quite the case in the ÖFB shirt as hoped.
  • The fact that Voda tried his star against Slovakia in a test of strength with a weak opponent in the middle of the field is at least interesting in relation to North Macedonia. However, this means that competition in the control center from Alaba will be more intense. The representative who has the right to start eleven must give way in this case.
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Defensive field:

Xaver Schlager and Konrad Laimer appear to be the favorites at the moment, but it cannot be ruled out that Foda might have thought of something else in midfield.

For example Alaba (see above) or Florian Grillitsch, who was confident with the ball and his passport, who played against Slovakia alongside the former kicker Bayern Munich.

Julian Baumgartlinger also makes the team boss offer to count on him again after a long hiatus due to injury. As the tournament progresses, the captain can play an increasingly important role.

conclusion: Fouda tribe stands tall. With nearly all players with eleven clear starts available, ÖFB moderators have the opportunity to join the very important first group match, depending on their opponents.

The eleven starting puzzle will be solved on Sunday at approximately 4:30 PM.

Group C table >>>

ÖFB players in check:

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