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To encourage the youngest to receive their first dose, the US capital has come up with a big game, and newly vaccinated people will also be able to compete for a $25,000 scholarship.

AirPods are free. On Saturday, the United States passed a milestone 100,000 new cases of Covid-19. In the face of mounting pollution and a slowdown in vaccinations, the government has taken drastic measures to encourage its citizens to receive their first injection. In an official statement, the country’s Treasury asked states and local governments at the end of July to give one hundred dollars to every new American vaccinated.

Cheer the youngest with… AirPods

To seduce teenagers, Washington pulls heavy artillery in. AirPods offer for some teens Between 12 and 17 years old with vaccination only. In the capital, college students will be able to take advantage of this amazing little campaign. Their parents will also leave with a $51 gift card.

In addition to these already attractive pieces, which sell for $229 in our greens, every newly vaccinated person will participate in the weekly raffle. Each week, eight participants will leave with an iPad and headphones. Two more will be able to receive Grant of up to $25,000. Note that this vaccination campaign has already started and will continue until September 30th. The goal is undoubtedly for the city council to promote vaccination while American students will often find school seats during August.

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While in France it is the health corridor that aims to promote vaccination, the US vaccination campaign adopts a double-edged sword strategy. According to some experts, while it is likely to encourage latecomers, it can also comfort vaccine opponents in their convictions.

In Washington, on August 2, 2021, 64.6% of DC residents received at least one dose of the vaccine compared to the national average of 71% for all adults. Since March 2020, the number of 51,000 cases of Covid-19 have been identified in the city.


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