Electric vehicle owners who have a charging station installed in their homes will be able to benefit from a tax credit equal to 75% of the spending amount. This feature pertains to owners but also free renters and residents.

This year, the tax authorities decided to give a small boost to people who own an electric car. In fact, as stated capitalAnd They will be able to take advantage of new tax credit To install a charging station in their home, equivalent to 75% of the amount of expenses, within 300 euros.

This measure relates to all installations carried out between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2023, and all taxpayers residing in France, whether owners, renters or hosted free of charge, will be able to benefit from it. Similarly, this tax credit may apply to both main residences From to second homes.

Up to four installations

This feature is limited to one recharge per person and per accommodation. Couples who own a second home will be able to make use of it to install four terminals. Note that in the event of a move, a new tax credit may be granted for the new residence.

To take advantage of this, taxpayers must declare the amount of expenses incurred when filing their income tax return, which campaign began on April 7, via RICI Form 2042, to Cases 7ZQ / 7ZR For the main residence and in the bungalows 7ZS / 7ZT for secondary residence.

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Replace CITE

If this device is more suitable for single homes, the people who live in them group housing It can still be used. Each resident will receive assistance calculated on the share of expenses already incurred.

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Until then, only owners can benefit from assistance installing the electric vehicle’s charging system. It used to be the Energy Transfer Tax Credit (CITE), but it has been replaced by the MaPrimeRnov, which now relates only to housing improvement expenditures.


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