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(ANSA) – PARIS, October 16 – Jean Castex paid tribute to the memory of Samuel Baty who was killed a year ago for showing Muhammad caricatures in class, presenting him as “a servant of the Republic, a victim of Islamic terrorism and human cowardice”.

Samuel Baty – said – “He was shot dead in the most cruel of circumstances in the name of the most barbarous obscurantism, just because he was carrying out his mission in a school in France,” said the head of government during a ceremony at the Ministry of Education.

“Honoring Samuel Baty is a tribute to the Republic,” he added, alongside Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and in the presence of the victim’s family and several former Ministers of Education.

One year after his assassination, Samuel Baty is honored in Val d’Oise, his native region, in Yvelines, where he studied, and in Paris, where his family will be welcomed at the Elysee.

A plaque commemorating his memory was unveiled at the entrance to the Ministry of Education. (Dealing).

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