Omnibus, “hiding underground.”  From the professor.  The Persian theory of defending Hamas

“Is it possible to perform a targeted operation in Al-Shifa Hospital, as Israel says?” That’s the question Alessandra Sardone, host of the November 15 episode of Omnibus, the La7 TV show, posed to Vittorio Emanuele Barsi, professor of international relations at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. The expert answers this way: “The feeling is that if Israel embarks on an operation that carries very high risks in terms of image and collateral damage, it is clearly seriously convinced that Hamas leaders are there. If there is one thing that stands out to me about this ground operation it is that all forecasts predicted a very large number of casualties among the Israelis, but as far as we know there were none. The feeling is that part of the neutralization occurred through the bombings, which instead left much greater collateral damage.

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Professor Parsi then focuses on Hamas: “The other feeling is that they are not fighting, they are already holed up in the tunnels, except for something superficial, and they are not coming out. This is what motivates Israel now. There will be no Stalingrad-style battle, and I don’t think there will be any Hamas terrorists on the roof of the hospital. An urban battle in a hospital complex would be a nightmare from the standpoint of potential consequences.


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