Apple puts its microprocessors at the heart of its strategy

The group introduced its new iPhone SE, iPad Air and Mac Studio phones, giving the chips a spot.

Apple, on Tuesday evening, introduced new products. iPhone SE – entry-level smartphone sold from 599 euros -, iPad Air and desktop computer, Mac Studio, obviously designed for professional use. During this presentation, Tim Cook highlighted two other in-house products: the A15 Bionic chips, which power the new iPhone 13 and SEs, the M1 chips for the new iPad Air and the all-new M1 Ultra processor for Mac Studio.

The importance given to processors responds to Apple’s strong strategic direction. Little by little, the group regained control of the main component of their phones. Admittedly, there is no (yet) the question of building factories for its production, the group remains attached to its “non-factory” model, based on the use of subcontracting. However, processor design integration proves to be a way to differentiate itself from the competition that uses high-performance products, but is sold off the shelf…

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