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Mario Party Superstars It was announced in June of this year. The game will be the second in the franchise on console after Super Mario Party Which, while not critically acclaimed, didn’t do poorly in sales and – in fact – became one of the console’s bestsellers. This prompted some fans to wonder: If we actually had the old one, how interesting would the new one be to buy it? Right away, Nintendo showed us that this game is going to be a kind of reworking of the entire series, implementing the best minigames and elements we’ve seen so far, and offering a global experience that will take us back to the franchise’s past. With this, another question arises: is it really worth it?

Mario Party Superstars: Back to the Party

In case you’ve lived on a rock this whole time: Mario Party It consists of competing with other players or with the computer in a board game interspersed with small mini-games that affect your progress on the board. The first title was released for the Nintendo 64 and since its first release it has had 10 major titles, with Super being the last in the franchise since 2018.

Mario Party SuperstarsAs mentioned, it seeks to compile the best of the previous games, with 100 mini-games, as well as five classic boards from Nintendo 64 (For lovers of the past), while using the interface Super Mario Party. The structure is the same as all games in the main mode, where you start a board game in which players have to get as many stars and coins as possible, as well as beat mini games, which can be between 4 players, 3 to 1 or 2vs2 modes.

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Selection mini games It is truly a high-quality treatment that leaves behind the most hated and overlooked and incorporates the best of each generation, which will not only attract newcomers, but will give a blow of nostalgia to those who argued about youth or even managed to get pimples trying. win over these mini games.


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