The 24-year-old jewelry designer who captured Chanel

Learn a craft and apply it according to the artistic aspiration of the individual, through artisanal techniques, and true luxury capable of accentuating fashion clothing, artwork, as well as jewel. It is the deep bond that binds Chanel And the L ‘International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories, Hyeres. Kermesse with which the French house has been a partner since 2014, through a series of initiatives, such as Métiers d’art . Prizethe award given to event participants, is now in its 37th edition, which ends on October 16, 2022. In 2021, the winner in jewelry is Huguet’s nightmare, Grand Prize Winner of the Accessories Jury. In addition to the winner’s project design award, Chanel gives the opportunity to collaborate with historical and iconic realities as a brand. Huguet, who opened his workshop at the age of 24, called him nightmare HAfter obtaining a diploma from the Haute École de Joaillerie in Paris and Central Saint Martins in London, he chose to visit Parurier Desrues, a historic French manufacturing company that has collaborated with Chanel since its founding in 1929. The designer explains: “While visiting their workshops and accessing their archives, I discovered many techniques that piqued my interest, including colored metal, the potential for inlaying stones and the development of complex systems.” As if it was a natural, spontaneous gesture, he says, “They were perfect to achieve what I had in mind.” And before the jewel in its three-dimensional form, and before it can be worn, is precisely the vision, which is necessary not only to create original jewelry but also of masterful quality.

Capucine’s gaze – as his autobiography says – falls, immediately after his academic training, on the study of the climate emergency in an attempt to understand how to develop such an important subject in the realization of his creations. This necessity still drives her on many trips around the world. Among them is a visit to Svalbard, an archipelago in the middle of the Arctic, to study melting ice, and live the experience as a tangible expression of his creative inspiration. During her stay, Capucine meets the glaciologists who accompanied her on a journey to study melting glaciers and there she fully realizes one of the fundamental principles of fighting the climate crisis: awareness and communication must, as ever. today. , the heart of every profession. And she is: after returning from the adventure, she created her first collection titled Wahlenbergbreen memorabilia, in reference (and homage) to a Norwegian glacier. The young goldsmith could not help but beat Chanel, as well as the jury of the accessories category headed by Asuka Yamashita, the main character of Mademoiselle C being the artistic director of the Montex embroidery workshop founded in 1939. How natural, Jewels Capucine H is completely environmentally sustainable, not Not only for the materials used such as recycled or fair trade gold and stones, but also responsible for making them entirely by hand, taking care and during the time required to polish the durable jewelry in time. Like timeless Chanel suits or author photography. An equally important note: a portion of the proceeds from jewelry sales is allocated by the French designer to Climeworks, a company that specializes in direct carbon dioxide prevention.

Among the winners in 2021 fromInternational Festival of Fashion, Photography and AccessoriesHey, heres, for the capsule inspired by the visit to Desrues presented in the latest edition, Capucine Huguet once again expresses the urgent need to help nature in danger: “Through my work” – he explains – “I try to reconcile the art of jewelry with the climate crisis. So I wanted to take up a theme Associated with global warming but also the city of Hyeres”, in the south of France, where the festival is located. “So it was obvious the protection of the seas and oceans, and in particular the importance of phytoplankton. Little is said about this, yet it is the basis of everything.” For the record, phytoplankton is one of the ocean-dwelling microorganisms capable of converting carbon into oxygen (twice as much as in forests), “but,” Kapusin adds, “it’s also the basis of the food chain. Without phytoplankton, everything falls apart.” . In concrete terms, the set features rings, earrings and brooches of new and intricate shapes made by combining different materials, textures and colors: mainly silver, but also zirconium oxide, created in a laboratory in France according to ethical and environmental standards, as well as a block of cut rock crystal. From a block to become a loop. Experimenting and embellishing ethically: the craft par excellence.

Alex Marnate


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