Mazda registra un nuevo logotipo que podría ser para un nuevo auto de alto rendimiento

Mazda The rumor hotline has been burnt this year, and enthusiasts are eager to catch up on the latest exciting developments. Interestingly enough, Mazda news appears to have appeared on the new Nissan Z forum on a regular basis. In July, a participant posted a file Mazda applied to the Japanese patent office for a stylized “R” Which Mazda fans hope she means The brand is preparing to launch a new high-performance car.

Mazda 3 turbo. / Photo: Courtesy of Mazda.

This week, the latest news from readers of the new Nissan Z relates to a brand that is remarkably similar to a representation of Mazda’s famous Wankel rotary engine. Hatina’s blog in Japan I mentioned this week that Mazda has applied for eight new brands. Four of them-“e-SKYACTIV R-Energy“,”e-SKYACTIV R-HEV“,”e-SKYACTIV R-EV– linked to the xEV rotating electrical system. One of the most interesting things is the new logo in the newspaper’s triangular shape. And speculation is flying.

How is the Wankel engine?

Wankel’s best description is from Popular Mechanics: “Imagine triangles going around a shower curtain rod inside a keg of beer; this is an initial description of a screaming Wankel rotor motor.”

Mazda MX-5.  / Photo: Courtesy of Mazda.
Mazda MX-5. / Photo: Courtesy of Mazda.

He is respected by enthusiasts for his simplicity, and is known for his The Wankel is the small engine that delivers more power than you’d expect from a component this size. No wonder Mazda fans are excited. However, in order not to quell the flames of passion here, it appears that the only rotary engine the Japanese automaker is currently working on is just a range extender for its hybrids.

Mazda aims for electricity

from two months Mazda targets 25% electrification of its fleet by 2030. An example is the MX-30 EV, which uses a 104 kW electric motor that produces 139 hp. We know you’ll have the rotary engine for a range extension for 2022, a decade-long project we’ve been waiting for. That doesn’t mean RX fans can’t expect more in the future.

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Mazda CX-30 / Photo: Mazda Courtesy of.
Mazda CX-30 / Photo: Mazda Courtesy of.

One poster reads, “Only a pneumatic tip will create or restore the idea of ​​a new sports car called the RX without a spinning wheel.”

So far, Mazda has not provided any details about the new brands.


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