Fasten your belt.  And the passenger breaks the host for years

The Federal Court decided to go to trial on two counts Viviana Quinonez, the woman who started a fight on May 23 on a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Sacramento to San Diego, causing one of the stewardess’ teeth to break. For her the accusation is assault with the ensuing consequences Serious bodily injury Interfering with flight crew members and flight attendants.

It all started when the woman, a San Diego resident, unbuckled her seat belt and lowered the table in front of her during takeoff. Two actions that are prohibited in terms of safety by any airline. Noting the movements, the hostess approached the woman with an order and invited her to follow the indicated procedures correctly a little earlier and dressed correctly. mask On your face.

Instead of following the hostess’ instructions, the woman got into a rage, and pushed the hostess hard before getting up and throwing her grip full face. Most of the scenes were filmed by other passengers on the plane, who later posted the video, which ended up in the documents available to judges following the case. From the photos, you can see Quinones pulling the stewardess by her hair who approached her to summon her and the other passengers on the plane who had mobilized at that point to rescue the flight attendant stepped in. The attack resulted in obvious injuries to the assistant’s face, and two of his teeth were broken.

According to eyewitnesses, an argument occurred during the flight between a passenger and a flight attendant. During the quarrel, the passenger collided with the stewardess, seriously injuring her‘, reads the affidavit filed with the San Diego District Court which I reported New York Post. was the woman Arrested On arrival in San Diego, he was denied boarding any Southwest Airlines flight. On the other hand, the flight attendant had to resort to hospital treatment as soon as she landed, treating 4 under-eye stitches as a result of a punch. According to recent documents provided by the passenger’s defense, Quinonez stated that she acted in self-defence.

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This issue caused quite a stir in the United States, where disputes at high altitudes are more frequent than in Europe. Southwest Airlines, along with a statement, also called on other airlines to take important measures against passengers who show abuse on the flight, pending the final ruling by theFederal AviationIntroducing new rules.


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