1. FC Cologne wins the Bundesliga derby at Rhine in Gladbach

MCologne fans celebrate a sweet derby victory at the Monchengladbach Stadium in Borussia. “Adi Hütter, you’re the best man,” he said after their 3-1 victory at their Rennes arch-rivals stadium, the unhappy opposing coach has clearly lost both derby this season against FC and Cologne. Goalkeeper Marvin Schwep shone with joy: “Absolute madness! There is no better feeling than leaving the pitch.”

Ten points from four games, Borussia again faced a dilemma that characterized several stages of the season: while defending their own goal, the team again acted without the necessary intensity. In the opening 0: 1, the Cologne team was able to connect quietly without getting into a fight from their own penalty area in front of the Monchengladbach goal.

In the end, Anthony Modeste pushed the ball into the goal in eight yards (5th minute). Also for 0: 2, after FC won the ball, Portugal lost several duels near the center line. Florian Keynes completed the attack in five meters (20th).

Meanwhile, the Gladbatchers were completely lost and the audience roared: “We want to see you fight.” In many cases, this often-designed appeal did not come to the heart of the problem, but the clatterbacks were beautiful in this first half. Correct the accusation of your own team.


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