RTL introduces 1LIVE broker to

RTL brings 1LIVE broker to ‘Guten Morgen Deutschland’: ER replaces Wolfram Kons

02/03/2022 at 11:51 am

RTL: That’s how it all started in the announcer

RTL: That’s how it all started in the announcer

The private television channel RTL began to air on January 2, 1984 in Germany. At that time the station was called RTL plus. The abbreviation “RTL” is derived from the name “Radio Television Luxembourg”. The television station was created as an offshoot of the German language radio program “Radio Luxembourg”.

Show description

There was great sadness when Wolfram Koons left his job at the end of February RTLMorning magazine after 31 years. But farewell always means a fresh start somewhere.

The latter managed RTL Now a popular radio presenter. As of March 9, he can follow in the footsteps of veteran “Jotun Morgen Deutschland” Wolfram Koons.

RTL shows the famous radio face in front of the camera: “So there is a certain bandwidth”

We’re talking about Simon Beck. He is one of the most famous radio broadcasters in western Germany. It’s been on 1LIVE for 14 proud years – and as of March 9th it’s finally on RTL.

The 41-year-old made his television debut in 2012. Since then he has worked as a front-camera supervisor for ZDF, ARD and Sat.1. Reality TV fans will remember him primarily as a humorous commentator on the RTL2 dome show “Love Island”.

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Simon Beeck has developed a color portfolio in recent years and seems ready for everything, assures RTL: “My life as a moderator so far has been between political specials with Olaf Scholz and Sylvie Meis’ colorful evening dresses. So there’s a certain bandwidth. So I’m really looking forward to it.” To the RTL family, the new team, and all that is to come!”

Enthusiastic RTL Editor-in-Chief: “We’re So Happy”

It also appears that RTL is anticipating Simon Peake. Martin Gradel, Editor-in-Chief of RTL News, explains: “Simon is one of the most popular and well-known radio presenters in Germany and has already gained extensive experience in front of the camera. So we are very pleased that he will accompany our audience during the early morning with his relaxed and confident style at the same time.”

The premiere with the popular 1LIVE presenter will certainly be very interesting – for both RTL viewers and the behind-the-scenes TV crew.

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