Revealed the face of his daughter Charlie for the first time!

A slight mistake or a completely thoughtful gesture? In any case, there is no doubt that Alessandra Sublette gave soap to her ex-boyfriend. The host will also find on Saturday January 15th on TF1 on the show Cool Animation Contest To process the yellow coins. A special edition that combines gratin with Karen Ferry, Nikos, Arthur and Laurent Marriott or Valerie Damidot. In addition to Grégoire Margoton or series winner Christophe Beaugrand. The latter is also aiming for a sixth win in the competition. An evening that must be attended by Charlie, daughter of Alessandra Sublette, who will undoubtedly want to watch her mother in action.

The granddaughter that the facilitator is interested in hiding is right. In fact, this photo never revealed the face of her wonder who came to the world on June 28, 2012. During many years, Alessandra Sublette managed to keep her daughter’s life a secret until today. Today… A few days ago, his ex-boyfriend and film producer, Clement Messeries, mistook him and shared a snap of Charlie on his Instagram account. A post that undoubtedly spoiled the post he broke up with but maintains an excellent relationship with him as you suggested We are the two. “This move allows me to physically separate with the father of my children. So far, we’re still living together, despite our divorce. Now, we’re in a more common pattern with every week of two. It’s important to run toward your happiness”I explained to our colleagues.

I also gave evidence of this good understanding when Clement Mésres republished the first page of is nutrition in which it appeared. While his former companion accompanied his post with a gentle treatment with his question “A Mcdo tonight, Alessandra?”Not without humor, the questioner answered: “I have to leave you, I’m in the middle of a cooking workshop.”

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