Afghanistan, Taliban ban women from traveling without a male relative

Fight the darkness of the Taliban dictatorship with the bright colors of Afghan clothes. This is the battle that Afghan women from all over the world are fighting on Twitter, united under the hashtag banner #DoNotTouchMyClothes e #Culture of Afghanistan. The social campaign was launched by Dr. Bahr Jalali, a former professor of history at the American University of Afghanistan.

Jalali posted on her Twitter account a photo of her in a traditional dress of bright red and green, complete with bright jewelry and elegant makeup.

her words – “The Taliban/Pakistani culture is very different from the Afghan culture. We are country of colorsDecorations, ornaments and textures. We will not stand idly by while our identity is under attack and they try to erase us as a nation” – they generated a wave of social engagement that was joined by representatives of politics and the press as well as ordinary women, from every corner of the world not only that, to demand cultural freedom for Afghans against Taliban dictates – like obligating only women Wearing some of the clothes permitted by Sharia – many men were lining up alongside their wives, mothers and sisters.

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