Weather: Winter 2021/22, Nina is coming! May it be the year of snow on the plains! Latest updates

Winter 2021/2022: Nina could affect the cold season, but there are doubtsThere are only a few months left until the start of winter, but thanks to the seasonal forecast and some of it Atmospheric indicators, we can already get a general idea of ​​the expected time. In particular, there is a phenomenon girl, which dangles on snow hopes down to the plains the next day winter.

Let’s find out immediately what it is and then track what is possible The consequences for Italy.

no nina. Let’s start by saying that this phenomenon refers to a Cooling temperature The surface waters of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean Often affect the climate From our planet, with different reflections also in Europe and in Italy. And that’s exactly what has happened in recent months, with values ​​around 1°C below the reference climate average. This small difference leads to one Modification of atmospheric circulation At the planetary level: Some regions such as Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines experience increased precipitation, as well as regions in the far south of Africa or northern Brazil. In addition, the monsoon winds are getting stronger in Southeast Asia and India. Conversely, the area between Brazil and Argentina and part of the United States (California drought and fires) bordering the Gulf of Mexico sees less rain. In addition, with La Niña, cold and sometimes snowy raids towards central Europe and Valpadana are more frequent, while in the Mediterranean, anticyclones are more permanent with a milder climate and less rain.

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Winter forecast Europe – Italy. The consequences of this climate change that is occurring in the Pacific region of our continent are not yet clear and there are still many doubts. If La Niña years are marked by frequent cold invasions since the end of November with the first snowfall in Valpadana in Turin, Milan and Bologna and December also in Florence, with Borian episodes likely by February, the latest seasonal forecasts from the prestigious Central European (ECMWF) contravene Trend with temperatures that can be kept Above the average of about 1°C. This kind of projected overheating for the upcoming winter season is actually in line with the increasingly evident climate trend starting in the 1990s, and fits perfectly with the broader picture of climate change and in particular Global warming or global warming What to say if you want. If so, this means that global warming largely offsets the effects of La Niña, in fact eliminate it, bring about change It’s getting harder to reverse. Unfortunately.


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