Nabilla et Mélanie Da Cruz au casting de Danse avec les stars 12 ? On en sait plus !

The choice of “Dancing with the Stars” in the first seasons was the favorite of the famous song and world cinema. That’s why we saw Pamela Anderson or Clara Morgan on the show. Recruitment has since become open to other personalities including those on the web. Then the YouTubers entered the legendary dance floor at TF1 Plateau. This time around, Chris Marquez is about to strike a blow by inviting influencers to introduce themselves. The latter that can only explode the audience of the show with the huge number of people who follow them on social networks.

Influencers soon on the right track

Among the names mentioned are Melanie da Cruz and Nabila. If the latter has not raised the subject yet, we must think that it will not be long in doing so. His fans are already on the lookout since the news broke. Seeing Nabila stepping onto the dance floor will undoubtedly be the imagination of the 7 million followers who follow her on Instagram. Just like Mélanie Da Cruz who will be able to take on a new challenge this time around. This, despite the fact that she doesn’t feel classy enough to be on the cast of Dancing with the 12 Stars.

Chris Marquez’s words that she will always be welcome on the show, in any case, should be enough to reassure her.

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