From Israel, doubt about the fourth dose: “because it weakens immunity.”

Israel, the real vanguard in the vaccination campaigns against Covid, has begun to manage Fourth dose Medicine for certain classes of subjects, but from the doctors of the Jewish state comes the fort warning About the dangers of an additional booster. According to White Coats, the fourth recall would have grave consequences for health, and therefore the Jerusalem government, determined to contain the progress of Variable Omicron with another national immunization campaign, would act recklessly and dangerously.

to express strength Confusion Recently, in particular, some members of the State Scientific Advisory Committee have been in order for another vaccination. The group of experts who advised the Israeli Executive, while acknowledging that the potential benefits of the supporter outweighed the risks, nevertheless testified that the latter would cause it not to be neglected.fatigue“The immune system. According to experts, an increase in vaccinations, which leads to stress of the human organism, would significantly weaken its ability to counteract the attacks of Covid. The paradoxical result of the additional booster is a consequence”weakens immunityOf the vaccinators.

The concerns and calls raised by the Scientific Committee regarding the fourth dose were then summarized in the recent statement of Professor Dror Miforach, Head of the Coronavirus Department at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem: “Just because we took the third dose doesn’t mean that there should be a fourth dose without any scientific basisHagai Levin, an epidemiologist and president of the Israeli Association of Public Health Physicians, also gave a hand for White Coats calling for caution: I respect the opinion of those who say prevention is better than cure and there is no problem with preparation. But before making the fourth injection, it is preferable Wait for the flagMoreover, he condemns the same stars, and the effect of the fourth dose of an anti-Covid vaccine against the Omicron variant is not even known.

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In addition to expressing concerns that a fourth dose of the vaccine in less than a year could actually exhaust the body and thus weaken immunity, the experts involved also accused the Israeli government of not making the most of the Alternative options To further reinforcement, how to commit to greater determination to give the third dose to those thousands of citizens who have not yet been vaccinated.


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