Victor Manuel Vucetich You realize it wasn’t played well, but it was won so the Guadalajara Coming strong in the classic against him America. “Winning is very important. We didn’t play as we would have liked, but we won and played better in other matches and didn’t get the result. Today we are in seventh place, and we were strong for it. classic “.

I repeat, “We came stronger, it is a very strong mental impulse, because the visit went so well for us, we did not give up a goal. We stand firmly. It was necessary to get the three points. It will help you work with peace of mind.”

NSbricino chicken He went crazy when leaving, but Vucetich “He got angry when he left, that’s normal,” he said, “but he’s already asked for an apology in the dressing room.”

Alexis Vega and Angel Zaldivar: “We don’t know if they will participate in the Classic or not.”

Pachuca technician data

Paolo Pezulano say so in Pachuca Everyone is sad: “The president was affected by the results and the players, everyone, but calm prevails. We are strong on the inside. mexican footballIt’s different, you can be a hero to the end, hit a streak and then go up.”

But he says the only way out of this is to get the ball in: “It seems like what happened last semester is repeating itself. We are the most self-critical. We still need to put it down, we hit the sticks, these are hard things to understand, and you have to get strong inside.. Pachuca fans I’m used to fighting titles, and we’re going for it Put Liguilla, because the ball will enter. ”

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It hurts a lot because Guadalajara He was moved, and his people began to despair. It gives anger and helplessness because the boys work too much and it hurts us that the goals do not enter. We just talked about it and it happened last semester and it’s happening now. You should all be together and have a lot of chill in your head.”

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