Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, be careful, you will have to re-download the game on PS4

that My voice Bought by Epic Games You haven’t changed my players’ lives Falling Guys: The Ultimate Knockout. This acquisition mainly led to technical modifications to standardize the servers and the computation system. To move forward with this plan, PS4 players will have to deal with a small change.

My voice just announced itIt will soon be necessary to use a file launcher on PlayStation 4. Concretely, the old application will be removed from Playstation Store on 4 April and will become unusable from 5 May 2022. New launcher It will appear in the digital store and in Library Buyers Starting April 5, 2022: You will need to re-download the full app and game data To be able to get online again, in a month, before the old version becomes obsolete.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Shark Skin New Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout App 1

To apologize for the inconvenience, the developers have prepared a Retro Leather Shark Freeto be retrieved via the tab DLC From the in-game store, just using the new client on Play Stationand that’s before the end Season 6.

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