Patrick Bruel was not unanimous on Wednesday, October 6th. Artist praised Jean-Jacques Goldman on M6 by performing his hit since you are going. Internet users had mixed reactions.

Jean-Jacques Goldman will celebrate his 70th birthday on October 11th. On this occasion, M6 dedicated to him a special evening on Wednesday 6 October. Many guests, such as Louane, Clara Luciani, Soprano or even Patrick Fiori came to pay homage to the famous French poet. Among the celebrities present on the set of Marie Portolano was also Patrick Bruel. The latter took the title since you are going, much to the chagrin of netizens who did not hesitate to do so He is very critical of his interpretation on Twitter.

Brouil explained why I left. Massacre on a beautiful song‘, Sopranos and Fiori, they twist your hair, unlike Bruel’, ‘But when will the singers understand that a song need not be sung in a mode of pity when the words are enough by themselves?’ Bruel attacking a masterpiece. A song you don’t have to install. I had a lot of negative assumptions. It was worse“,” I don’t even understand they’re calling Bruel again. In all cases He killed the song…Great salute‘Can we read among the comments.

Patrick Broel in the crosshairs of Internet users?

This is not the first time that the services of Patrick Bruel have been distinguished by the public. After his appeal during Johnny Hallyday’s tribute gala, on September 14, it sparked the interest of netizens. In fact, many of them wondered why the 62-year-old singer struggles with singing.

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If some think it is an excess of emotion on the part of the translator break the sound, writer Bernard Montell, the next day, at the exhibition Don’t touch my TV Provided an explanation:In fact, Patrick missed a short clip and all of a sudden, it annoyed him, but then just like that. He collapsed in the locker room and spoiled his happiness a bit for being part of the show.


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