A step forward in the architecture sector with smart glasses from iTecVision company

One of the functions of technology is to provide intelligence to all the elements that surround the human being. One of the most recent creations was smart crystalsInnovative idea Seeks to simplify the privacy of homes or offices.

in this meaning, iTecVision It is concerned with the production, distribution, delivery and even installation of smart glasses. It is a leading quality company owning since 2019 ISO 9001/2015 standards, CE and UNE-ENشهادة certification. In this way, tailor-made works are carried out for the client using exclusive products and a unique method.

How do smart glasses work?

Smart glasses, also called incurable glasses or smart glass, are convertible glasses that regulate the passage of external light. in this way, It becomes transparent or opaque by simply flipping the switch or remote controlAccording to the needs of the house.

This alternative was a real innovation for architects and interior designers, who found in iTecVision a way to provide any property with great lighting, while maintaining privacy. In addition, unlike other glass structures, the company offers a safer and more durable solution due to the use of high-quality materials.

What are the advantages of using smart glasses?

The smart glass o Smart glasses are a breakthrough with countless benefits. Basically, they are made for a purpose Let the light avoid heat in hot times such as summerWhich helps reduce the consumption of air conditioners. However, it is an excellent heat insulator in winter, when the heat remains inside homes or rooms, when glass is installed with iTecVision cameras.

On the other hand, these windows They are activated by a variety of systems: home automation, remote control, voice assistant (Alexa type), mobile applications, wall switch, etc., Which makes it more comfortable to use. In addition, thanks to the ease of its darkening, it gives the room a certain privacy.

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Likewise, the smart glasses have UV blocking rates 96% and infrared rays 76.51% They protect everything in the home or office.

Finally, it should be noted that their maintenance is very easy and can be cleaned with an ordinary glass cleaner.

Smart glasses can be installed in offices, meeting rooms, health centers, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. That is, in any luxury real estate or corporate space. The important thing is to hire an installation service that provides excellent quality materials such as those offered by iTecVision. For more information, you can refer to the company’s website.


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