Cryptocurrency scams: Hackers send out physical wallets to steal bitcoins from users

Scammers sent physical wallets from Cryptocurrency False clients of the management company Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Disguised as a company, to gain access to user accounts and thus steal Bitcoin and more.

Arbitrage Have reported practices phishing On her website, she shared some photos that show scammers sending messages to customers pretending to be the company and telling them they must transfer their information to a new attached device to keep their information safe

The cheat Taking advantage of the massive information leak the company suffered in 2020, hackers shared information from more than 270,000 forum customers Raed Forum.

Computer He first reported this scam last Wednesday, collecting the testimonial of the Reddit user who reported receiving the message and the device.

How it works?

The fake devices, which are also sent by mail, pretend to be actual wallets of Cryptocurrency from Arbitrage, physical keychains that store the password to access the account Cryptocurrency.

These appeared in legitimate looking boxes, as detailed Arbitrage, in his version Ledger Nano. The instructions in the box say that the user should connect the USB to a computer, open a file and launch the fake Ledger Live application.

Thus, the user is required to enter the 24-word password to recover accounts ArbitrageThe crooks then take control of the account and wallet Cryptocurrency to the user.

Arbitrage She noted that the company never asks its users for a 24-word password, and that its actual wallets never launch apps or lead to their app downloading.

In addition, the company insists on its website and social networks that the password should never be shared to avoid data theft and digital currencies. (Europe Press)

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