My dad defends his 11-year-old son from the bullies, the group beats him and he is now dying

Defends son being attacked by bullies And now Risk your life. Alan Wilson, a 46-year-old British man, He is hospitalized in a coma at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in BrightoN, South London, after helping a son 11 Who have been attacked by bullies.

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The boy had called his father He sought help after a group of children, all minors, tortured him. The father intervened, but at that point the group unleashed their violence and brutally beat the 46-year-old, leaving him in a pool of blood in the street before fleeing. The five boys didn’t scare the presence of an adult They kept beating him even when he was lying helplessly on the ground in front of the eyes of the 11-year-old who was forced to watch.

The man was taken to the hospital He took a helicopter and underwent a very emergency brain surgery. “He is fighting for his life due to multiple cerebral hemorrhagesHis wife, Annie, told the local press, but the fear is that she may have suffered permanent damage. The father also reported lung injury, multiple fractures including some spinal injuries.

The officials were identified thanks to the testimony of the young sonI am the one who allowed the police to do so To arrest the five minors Who are now accused of severe injuries ah Attempt to murder. However, all of them were released, precisely due to their young age, but a ban was imposed, such as a meeting ban.

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