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Because of the epidemic, usually going in and out rios default at all times. You no longer have to physically move to another office Because with the app open, we all care together. This has led to the interest of some cybercriminals in holding high-level meetings where business issues that can lead to huge financial repercussions are discussed.

So intercepting these video calls and knowing what they are saying has become a target for some criminals, and that’s why appsTo avoid that, End-to-end encryption should be used, i.e. preventing the person intercepting the data flow from discovering what it is, what is being said, or who is sharing.

Protected from point to point

This is why Microsoft took the step From Add this end-to-end encryption to Teams, In a way that protects the information flowing between interlocutors from cybercriminals through an option that professional and corporate account managers can activate.

End-to-end encryption in Teams.

Of course, for now, this is end-to-end encryption It will only be available for video calls that Microsoft identifies as one after another, that is, between two people using Teams as a video communication tool. If three or more members of the organization or outside guests attended that meeting, we would be out of this protection against fabrications and it would be better to resort to not revealing too much relevant data during the session.

As evidence of the need for this tool, Microsoft says it has “many commercial customers in the United States and Europe in industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, communications, and professional services.”E2EE calls for Teams . are in progressThus protecting the confidentiality of the information that is dealt with in each of them.

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Yes in deed , In exchange for security, we will lose jobs Since at the moment point-to-point encryption is activated, the following functions will be automatically suspended and cannot be used:

  • Sign Up
  • Live comments and texts
  • Call transfers
  • Pause the call
  • group of calls
  • buddy kal and transfer it to another device
  • Add a participant to turn an individual call into a group call

Now you know, depending on the importance of what’s included in the meeting, we’ll have to turn end-to-end encryption on or off.


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