In England, Omicron variant threatens to disrupt English Premier League football

Omicron is stronger than the English Premier League? The traditional day of the English Football Championship on December 26, Boxing Day, which is hugely popular across the English Channel, is being jeopardized by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thursday, December 23, it was announced that two matches were canceled: Liverpool – Leeds and Wolverhampton – Watford will not take place. Not that there are health restrictions – stadiums have the right to be full – but a lot of players are sick and have to self-isolate.

The new Omicron variant is spreading at high speed in the UK. As of Thursday, nearly 120,000 people had tested positive for the virus, an absolute record since the start of the health crisis. Representatives of the club and the Premier League met with concern, on Monday, to consider canceling all Boxing Day matches. But traditions and plentiful money will be stronger, and everything should go as planned.

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However, the reality in the locker room is complicated. Everton manager Rafael Benitez does not believe his match against Burnley is continuing, although he has asked for it to be cancelled: five of his players are positive, and six injuries are added to them. “We follow all the rules, Bother. We run antigen tests, PCRs, we put on masks, we use three different changing rooms to limit the time players spend together…”

Discussion about not having a winter vacation

That was not enough. Under the circumstances, he wonders how he will be able to find the eleven players available to participate in a competitive team on Sunday. “We have players who may have taken a hit, but we still have to press [à aller jouer]And or others who are not at their best.”, sorry.

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The pandemic is rekindling an old debate about the lack of a winter holiday in English football. Although there hasn’t been a game on Christmas Day itself since the 1950s, the pace during this period has been pretty hellish in the Premier League. In addition to Boxing Day matches, the tournament day is held between December 28 and 29, and then the third day on December 1is being January, another big festive event on the fan calendar.

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Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola does not hide his anger: “You will take a hit from the players or something will happen, otherwise nothing will change. UEFA, FIFA, TV, Premier League… [Pour eux]And Work is more important than the health of the players. “ Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson also expressed his discomfort after his side played five games in two weeks: “No one takes players’ health seriously.”


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