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Until recently, it was believed that sharks do not sleep at all, since it was believed that if they did, they would not be able to breathe. However, a study conducted by a group of researchers from scientific institutions in Australia showed, through the records of physiological indicators, that these animals maintain their sleep periods, in order to maintain their energy.

The The research has been published in the journal Biology Letters It is led by Michael Kelly of the University of Western Australia. Studies were commissioned to show the signs of sleep of the chess shark, which is named for the pattern of the color of the dark spots on its skin that resembles a checkerboard.

Changes in the rate of oxygen consumption of seven chessboard sharks, which were placed under observation inside a sealed intermittent flowmeter chamber, were evaluated over a 24 hour period. In addition, the study analyzed sleep-related behaviors, such as the state of the eyes, and body position.

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The scientists concluded that the sharks were asleep, with oxygen levels significantly low during some periods, which lasted at least 5 minutes. In contrast to the period of activity of these animals, that is, when they were swimming, high levels of oxygen were recorded.

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