Elon Musk confirms a new generation of satellite internet, Starlink 2.0
Elon Musk is already thinking about Starlink 2.0. (Photo: Truth News)

Elon Musk Thinking of the next generation of starlinksatellite internet service SpaceX. In an interview with Everyday Astronaut, The billionaire revealed that Starlink 2.0 would be more efficient and that they had developed the first satellite, They are four times heavier than those currently in orbit.

Elon confirmed it The first Starlink 2.0 satellite measures 7 meters and weighs 1,250 kilograms. The CEO of SpaceX stated that due to its size and weight, New satellites cannot be launched by Falcon rockets, Because these satellites do not have the size or mass to be put into orbit. Starship It’s the only rocket capable of carrying them into space.

“We need the spacecraft to operate and fly frequently, otherwise Starlink 2.0 will be stranded on Earth,” Musk said in the interview.

Starship.  (Photo: SpaceX)
Starship. (Photo: SpaceX)

Elon Musk emphasized that the goal is not the number of launches that will be made per year, but What is the maximum payload that can be orbited. “In a constellation of satellites, what matters is what is the maximum useful mass flow for the orbit.” referred.

With regard to its performance, Starlink 2.0 satellites are more efficient than the current version. “Just think of the number of useful bits each satellite can do. Starlink 2.0 in terms of useful data bits is almost an order of magnitude better than Starlink 1.0.

Upgrading to Starlink 2.0 will take some time because the ship’s missiles have to fly constantly. This was revealed by Elon Musk The new antennas are on a “separate upgrade path”, Although already installed ones will work with both versions of the satellite.

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Elon Musk has an active strategy with Starlink and has already started turning his money around. SpaceX internet service is not limited to sites with limited connectivity, But also for conflict areas that require the Internet.

The most recent case is the case of the Russian invasion in Ukrainewhere the antennas They played a major role To keep the country linked in the face of Russian escalation. In recent weeks, CEO Tesla confirmed that Russia He increased his attacks on the Starlink service.

Starlink satellite.  (Photo: MuyComputer)
Starlink satellite. (Photo: MuyComputer)

“Starlink has resisted attempts to hack and interfere in Russian cyberwarfare so far, but is stepping up its efforts,” the businessman said in the interview.

While defending against Russian cyberattacks, SpaceX’s Internet is looking to expand into other areas. A few weeks ago, Starlink began flight testing for Delta Airlines as an in-flight internet connection option.

That was said by Elon Musk Will seek permission to operate on Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft, Although it will take some time for this strategy to become a reality.

At work or home, the person who contracts the service will get a kit to install the antenna right away. This is configured for a specific geographic region, i.e. it cannot be provisioned.

An illustration of the internet connection thanks to Starlink.  (Photo: Technology in Space)
An illustration of the internet connection thanks to Starlink. (Photo: Technology in Space)

The antenna must be Connect it and point to the skyand this will work with the router that is included in the kit, and you will have a connection at the specified location.

As shown on the Starlink website, the group antenna It should be placed in an elevated and/or unobstructed area, such as a tree, chimney, or lamppost. Any of these obstacles can interfere with your connection and leave you without an internet connection.

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