Another defeat for City and Cardiola!

Having won C1 with Barசாa in 2009 and 2011, Cataln suffered some notable defeats, including the disappointment of Wednesday’s Santiago-Bernabeu stadium. It’s also heartbreaking for City’s Emirati owners who arrived in 2008: five – and perhaps soon six – English league titles, two FA trophies and six league trophies collected from the club’s capture, but the Continental Coronation still leaves them.

– 2016 : Pep, Real, already … -In the season before Cardiola’s arrival, City had already entered the European elite by reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2016, stumbling over Real Zinedine Zidane’s Madrid. In two sluggish games, when the Madrid people returned to Etihad, Fernando (20th) owed only one goal against his camp (0-0, 1-0).

– 2017 : City stumble on rock – In his first season in England, Pep lost in the eighth match against Monaco, where a certain Kylian Mbabane was revealed. A crazy first leg game at Etihad opened 5-3 more than it appeared. On the return, Benjamin Mendy caught City’s eye with two assists in the first period, and six minutes after Leroy Sane’s goal put City ahead (71st), Timo qualified for the Monaco with a header from Pagayoko. Thanks for the away goals (3-5, 3-1).

– 2018 : Red’s Anger – Happened this quarter, which was a 100% English fight against Liverpool waiting for City. Pep says and repeats to anyone who hears how scared he is of the Reds attacking the triplet. A reasonable fear: Liverpool fly in the first leg (3-0) and on the return (2-1), win 4 of 5 goals signed by Mohamed Salah (twice), Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino.

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– 2019 : Ô VAR, ô Frustration – New quarterfinal, new English fight, new disappointment, against Tottenham. In the first leg (0-1 defeat), Kevin de Bruyne and Leroy Sane were on the bench until the 89th minute when Sergio Aguero missed a penalty and Harry Kane injured, but Ederson Son’s shot slipped down his abdomen. Hyung min. Very open match when returning with 2-2 points after 11 minutes of play. When VAR is involved, City will climb to 4-2, with virtual qualification on hand. He checked a goal from the waist of Fernando Lorende (4-3, 73rd) and in extra time, before denying Raheem Sterling a deserving goal for an offside, decisive passer Aguero, under the eyes of the incredible Cardiola.

– 2020 : Leon surprises Pep – In a version reversed by Covit-19, Cardiola has the ridiculous idea of ​​copying Leonis’ 3-5-2 in the quarterfinals, and is caught twice at the counter before Sterling. With 5 more minutes to go he missed a great opportunity. Within 60 seconds, Moussa Dembélé settled the matter decisively (3-1) and qualified Lyon.

– 2021: Blue S for City – This time Cardiola did everything right to stay true to his line and reach his first final against Chelsea since 2011. But against all odds, he decided to do this match without a holding midfielder. In a very close match, Chelsea lost to Kei Howards (1-0, 42nd) before the break, and lost to City de Bruyne in the hourly note, with a serious injury to the face.

– 2022 : Defeated in Madrid – Until the 90th minute of the semi-final against Real Madrid, City are looking to grab their place in the final with a fantastic play, but win the first leg (4-3), and a well-started return leg (1-0 after 89 minutes). But Rodrigo had a crazy double (90th, 90th + 2), and Karim Benzema, the Madrid savior, turned off the Citizens on penalties (95th) in extra time (3-1). Skyplus’s griefs live up to the insane storyline of the conflict.

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