Migrants from the United States to Italy, Biden's plan

The Biden administration intends to Sending about a thousand immigrants from South America to Italy and Greece, 500 to each countryAs part of the resettlement policy and with the aim of discouraging people from illegally crossing the border between Mexico and the United States. He returns it CBS News anchor Citing two sources familiar with the US government’s plans on condition of anonymity. Italy and Greece will likely accept a relatively small number of migrants, about 500 or fewer each, one source said.

Palazzo Chigi sources: 'misleading'

But Palazzo Chigi's sources point out that the CBS reconstruction, according to which Italy gave its consent to transfer refugees from South America to its territory, is a completely misguided process. The same sources explain that the reciprocity hypothesis is currently being studiedUnder which the United States will host refugees in Libya who wish to go to Europe, while some European Mediterranean countries will host a few dozen refugees from South America. As far as our nation is concerned, there will be about 20 Venezuelan refugees of Italian origin To start business paths in Italy. The discussion at the moment is only under study which will, in any case, be very useful to Italy and the European countries arriving for the first time, specify the sources at Palazzo Chigi.

Italy would never agree to resettle hundreds of people on its national territory, given the great efforts it has already made in receiving migrants.“, one report to Adnkronos Source of the Ministry of Interior.

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What CBS says

According to CBS News, the migrants who will be sent to Italy and Greece will be selected in offices established by the Biden administration last year in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Guatemala. These are so-called “Safe Mobility Offices” introduced in May 2023 where people can legally apply to immigrate to the United States or elsewhere. Thanks to this, the United States has already resettled about 10,000 immigrants.

Under the new agreements, Greece and Italy will join Canada and Spain in resettling some migrants from South America. Italy and Greece will likely accept a relatively small number of migrants, about 500 or fewer each, one source cited by CBS News said. The “Safe Mobility Offices” are part of a broader Biden administration strategy to reduce illegal immigration. Compared to the record high reported in December, illegal entries at the U.S.-Mexico border fell by more than 50 percent.

A State Department spokesperson explained that the Safe Mobility Offices “have enabled a six-fold increase in the number of refugees resettled from the Western Hemisphere.” “Given the success of the programme, we are in diplomatic discussions with other countries about joining this initiative to increase legal pathways to resettlement, but we have no further information to share at this time.”

On May 20, US officials met with diplomats from Canada, Italy, Spain and the host countries of the Safe Mobility offices to discuss the initiative, CBS reported, citing internal Department of Homeland Security documents. Additionally, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, in an interview with CBS News last week, said he is “working with Canada, Spain, and most recently Greece, to build legal pathways for people to get to their countries, out of the hands of traffickers who traffic people.” We only seek to exploit these people for profit.”

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