“Historic agreement, 15% minimum tax for big tech multinationals” - Libero Quotidiano

Even large multinational corporations with big technology will now have to deal with taxes. In fact, an agreement was reached among the finance ministers of the Group of Seven countries on the minimum tax at the global level for the profits of large multinational corporations. The British were the first to announce the agreement, which is considered “historic” Rishi Sunak: “In London today, my financial counterparts and I have reached a historic agreement on global tax reform that requires multinational tech giants to pay their fair share of UK tax.”

As echoed by our Minister of Economy, Daniel FrancoDuring a press conference at the end of the meeting, he expressed his happiness, saying: “Today’s agreement opens the door to a debate that has lasted eight to nine years. This new form of taxation will become effective in a few years, and there is no technical time to do it sooner When (the law) comes into effect, countries that already have a digital tax will abolish it and adopt the new tax.” Agreement reached Minimum global rate “at least 15%”“.

victory also for Matteo Salvini. The leader of the League weeks ago had similarly responded to the proposals Enrico Letta: “It is absurd that Letta and the Democratic Party continue to think about new taxes. Just to help young people, the League’s proposal is to tax foreign multinationals operating in Italy and not paying taxes.” And again: “I think without giving Amazon names and titles, 350 billion in sales, 44 billion in revenue in Europe and a few pence in taxes paid in Italy. So instead of punishing parents and grandparents with an inheritance tax to help their children, we make competitors pay the right taxes to shut down Italian shops. Here, the former minister was convinced.

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