Pope Francis still has a cold: 'I can't read well' What's happening

“I have prepared a speech, but, as you can see, I cannot read because of bronchitis. I asked Ciampanelli to read it”: these are the words said by Pope Francis on March 2, before he presided over the opening ceremony of the church. Judicial year 95 of the Vatican City Court. Today it happened again. “Today’s teaching will be read by a Monsignor, one of my assistants, because I still have a cold and cannot read well,” the Pontiff announced at the beginning of today’s interview, explaining the reason directly to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square. Who among us has not read the Christian teaching that focuses on the vice of pride? These words immediately aroused concern among the believers.

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Although the temperatures were not yet spring, His Holiness the Pope, after recovering from the above-mentioned illness, arrived to the general audience aboard the Pope Mobile and toured the square extensively. Pope Francis, wearing a heavy white coat, first blessed the faithful and then arrived in a jeep in the churchyard where he was helped out. The Catechism, read by one of his “assistants”, was intended for the Grand Vicar. “You realize that you are dealing with a proud person when you give him a simple constructive criticism, or a completely harmless remark, and he reacts in an exaggerated manner, as if someone had offended His Majesty: he becomes angry, shouts, and interrupts relations with others in a resentful manner.”

For Bergoglio, “There is not much that can be done with a person who is sick with pride. It is impossible to talk to him, let alone correct him, because in the end he is no longer present in himself. All you have to do is be patient with him, because one day his building will collapse.” The Pope concluded his speech by saying: “Salvation comes through humility, which is the true cure for every act of pride.” In the Magnificat, Mary sings to God, who with his power scatters the arrogant in the thoughts of their sick hearts. There is no point in stealing anything from God, as proud people hope to do, because in the end He wants to give us everything.


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