SYDNEY The story of Leonardo Urbano: the 30-year-old Italian who made 0,000 selling junk

“Garbage lawyer”: this is the stage name chosen by Leonardo Urbano, a 30-year-old Italian who moved to Sydney (Australia), and who decided to devote his energies to a decidedly unusual profession. That is, searching for goods of various kinds among the waste to preserve them and give them a new life. Lamps, rugs, chairs: there really is everything among the things he manages to find, which he then photographs and shares on his profile. Garbage lawyer. Urbano confirms that the job will also be lucrative: last year it would have allowed him to earn about 100,000 Australian dollars, equivalent to about 62,000 euros. “One man's trash can be another man's treasure,” Urbano wrote in his Instagram profile bio.

“Moral” function.

Urbano's story has also attracted the attention of foreign media, e.g CNBC. The 30-year-old told the newspaper: “Among the waste there is a mountain of things – he says – and there are many things found, big things like the refrigerator, wardrobes, sofas and much more.” It must be said that context helps: in Australia, in some months of the year, municipalities offer free waste collection services. An outdoor banquet for Urbano, who collects everything others throw away, arranges it and resells it online. But, he says, it's not just about the money: “Collecting this waste is also a way to bring people closer to the recycling culture and maybe they will pay more attention to garbage.” This is now the fourth year the man has been able to pay his rent and stay in Sydney this way.

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