Norris is surprised and sees Aston Martin red

After two first discovery sessions on Friday, drivers discovered a trail in Albert Park that is still in steady evolution. The day after the scales, for safety reasons, the DRS zone, which was located at full load before the 9th turn, was significantly changed from being removed by the racing direction. This final free session took place under the sky, it was still cloudy, but no premonition, 25 ற்றில் C in the air and 35 C on the asphalt.

Red Bull drivers, Sergio Perez after Max Verstappen, were one of the first to set the reference time on the middle tires, with a relatively quiet start to the session. Carlos Science picked up soft tires with a time of 1’20 “119.

Even more difficult to suppress the wheel of a Mercedes car, Lewis Hamilton made a remarkable excursion into the gravel of the 11th turn, licking the safety barrier without major damage. Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, suddenly lost control of his Aston Martin in a series of 9 and 10 turns. Contact with Tecpros severely damaged Germany’s single seat and caused a logical red flag. The four-time world champion would have learned the lesson of the previous day by returning as a passenger on a scooter this time!

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After more than ten minutes of interruption, the session resumed with less than half an hour of running and more traffic congestion while preparing for the fast runs for the qualifying round. Max Verstappen was caught with a spin at the end of his product lap, however, with no effect, as Red Bull in particular complained about the cut and the difficult balance to understand.

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By switching to softer tires, Fernando Alonso was able to gain a temporary lead with a point of 1’19 “906. He was defeated by Sergio Perez at 1’19” 720, but was captured by the double Spanish world champion a few thousand before that. The Mexican last word was at 1’19 “458. During this time, Mercedes’s continuing difficulties were confirmed, and reading W13’s behavior gave the impression of being constantly in range.

At the start of the last quarter hour, Carlos Science took the lead with soft tires at 1’19 “419. The final attack on the clock allowed Lando Norris to control at 1’19” 117. Asphalt is sure to make permanent progress and return to McLaren form this weekend. The hunt for the watch that caused the Understeer problem again for Max Verstappen. Twice, the current world champion was dropped because he failed his attempt at soft tires.

Since the second red flag puts an end to antagonisms in advance, the end of the session will be frustrating for drivers looking for time. In the last five minutes, Lance Stroll also ended up on the wall, this time at the age of 11 he had no chance after a big understeer. So there will be a lot of work in the Aston Martin pit before qualifying …

So it is difficult to study the hierarchy as a whole because not everyone can improve. Lando Norris had a better time than Charles Lecklerk, who finished at 132,000.

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