Approximately 40% gradient, challenging for cars

Anyone who does not like driving in the mountains or in any case having to face steep climbs should carefully avoid this, it is the steepest road in the world, it is located in Wales and has a truly record-breaking slope.

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If you’ve ever wondered What is the steepest road in the worldthe answer is there The ascent of Ffordd Pen Llech, in Harlech, Wales. This road It has a slope of up to 37.5%which earned her recognition as “The steepest road in the worldWhich made her enter the prestigious Guinness Book of Records.

Previous regression record for street was to baldwin street, City Street Dunedin, New ZealandWhich was, so to speak, only 35%.

The new record for the steepest road in the world

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Author: aitoff / Pixabay

There are records for everything And the streets are certainly no exception. There are various kinds of records related to the world of cars and road traffic, in the case of the Welsh city of Harlech the one that undoubtedly stands out is The steep ascent of Ffordd Pen Llech, with a gradient of up to 37.5%.

After months of checks, inspections, and measurements, the tough judges made an appraisal Guinness They had no further doubts and were accredited accordingly Make the original precedence official.

Ffordd Pen Llech Not far from the famous castle that dominates the town, it is Road about 330 meters The height difference between its beginning and end is 50 meters.

An important newspaper, such as The Guardian, also took care of this issue with an article which emphasized that on a stretch of only ten meters in this road, for every 2.67 meters on flat ground one gains one perpendicular.

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this Mile like him Maximum able to put Even modern cars, great performance and power are tested. However, for the locals, it is a road like any other, on which they have long learned to live without problems.

However, we certainly appreciate the possibility that, thanks to this new record, the city of Harlech can now attract new tourists, fascinated by this unique street in the world.

In the most severe ways, the dispute between Wales and New Zealand

New Zealanders Dunedin, the former city to hold the record for the steepest road in the worlddid not take it upon himself to lose the lead, to the Welshman Harlich.

For the citizens of Dunedin, there will be no sweat, given that they show that the Harlech Road is largely one-way, only downhill.

They also argue about it is a road of secondary importance to city traffic, from Dunedin. However, the rules of the Guinness Book of Records speak for themselves and the decision has now been made.

In order to be a candidate for the highest road record, it is sufficient that the road is public, paved and traversed by vehicles of various types, including ordinary cars. Tracks, mule tracks and private roads are excluded.

So the Welsh road was eligible To participate and win in an honest way. New Zealanders will have to resign and perhaps look for other exotic ways to run in the future.


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