Robot Optimus Elon Musk Tesla

In addition to all the cars they presented, Elon Musk and Tesla have a promised novelty that will change many concepts in the world of everyday life. It goes beyond what the company makes, but it should also be central to this unique brand.

We are talking about a robot that Tesla is developing that will have many practical applications. Optimus is becoming more and more a reality, and Elon Musk himself has now brought an important novelty. The first functional prototype should appear in a few months, and still in 2022.

We’ve been talking for a long time about Optimus and what it can offer Tesla. Without practical application, this robot has targeted several fronts, from supporting people to integrating into the brand’s vehicle manufacturing operations.

Even without seeing it in real life, Optimus has been a topic in many of the brand’s presentations and even in Tesla strongman talks. Elon Musk has very real plans for his proposal and wants to embody as a unique assistant in various scenarios.

After a few months away from Elon Musk’s radar, Optimus reappears in another tweet from the Tesla creator. The post made it very likely that it will appear on September 30th, during the Tesla AI Day event.

It also ended up being rescheduled for that date, so there’s a good chance a surprise might come up that day. Note that Elon Musk does not guarantee that his robot will be present, but he does want him to be present, as a sign of his evolution.

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Tesla Optimus Elon Musk Robot

Self-driving, part of building Tesla cars, replacing car batteries and more potential uses. It remains to be seen where Elon Musk and Tesla want him to be present and do his job.

Since Elon Musk isn’t big on keeping appointments and making certain promises, the idea is up in the air that this could just be a marketing ploy for the Tesla strongman. We still hope that the Optimus robot will take the stage on September 30th and make its first interaction with the world there.


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