“Turn around to live.” For seven years, director Philip Azoulay has immortalized the “Lelouch Method”

Between 2012 and 2019, director and producer Philip Azoulay, friend of the person who nevertheless won two Oscars for his a man and a womanwas able to enter into an intimate relationship with director Claude Lelouch.

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“The intent is to step into the Creator’s head and follow him in his quest to unravel the mystery that accompanies the birth and subsequent development of an idea. He accepts and begins, with the sole condition of authorization. Philip Azoulay in press file.

This film is an incursion into another space-time, where the technical stakes and economic hurdles inherent in costly isolation are mixed.

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This documentary, the fruit of seven years spent in the footsteps of the director on set, at festivals or in his offices, is clearly not critical, not far from holiness as Philippe Azoulay seems particularly impressed with the man and the director.

But filled with often unseen images (with Tarantino and Dujardin and proverbs only Claude Lelouche knows), it’s also a veritable goldmine for moviegoers and fans of the man-and-woman director who will necessarily be angels.

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France | 2021 | 1 h 45 | color | Visa No. 144.326

Philip Azoulay movie
With Claude Lelouch, Jean Dujardin, Sandrine Bonnier, Johnny Hallyday, Elsa Zilberstein, Jean-Louis Trentinan, Anouk Emmy, Eddie Mitchell, Quentin Tarantino, Valerie Perrin…

original music C2C a job. Frances Lay

The film will be released in theaters on May 11, 2022.


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