5 Senses for Love: Basti showing Alyssa's apartment - a bad surprise

5 Senses of Love: Basti shows Alyssa his apartment – and gets a bad surprise

Photo: SAT.1 / Guido Engels

Sebastian could have imagined it to be very romantic. Its beautiful5 senses for loveAl-Issa’s fiancée should see his apartment for the first time. Al-Issa had to stay with him tonight. But already in the first few minutes there must be a bitter setback for the man who is searching for his great love on Saturday 1.

It’s a crazy experience. With “5 senses for love“The candidates don’t know each other. The spouses get to know each other first by smelling, then by hearing and finally by the ejaculation test.”

The Five Senses of Love: A Little Crunch When Visiting Sebastian’s Apartment

Then courtship follows. Spouses haven’t seen each other yet. Singles only get to know each other properly when they are on vacation together in Greece. Can it work?


This is Saturday 1:

  • Saturday 1 German commercial anchor
  • The broadcast began on Saturday 1 January 1984
  • Sat 1 is owned by Seven. One Entertainment Group
  • On Saturday 1, shows like “The Voice of Germany”, “Celebrities under Palms” or “Wedding at First Sight” are shown.


It’s not that easy, as Sebastian and Basti should discover. The two survived their vacation together, but when they visit Basti’s apartment, things should briefly turn into a crisis.

5 Senses for Love: Do Alyssa and Sebastian Say Yes?

Because while the 42-year-old was sure the couple would sleep in one bed, his 39-year-old fiancée quickly thwarted the product designer’s plans. Because she wanted the possibility to sleep for herself. Ouch!


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But the next event should be soon. Will the couple marry despite their differences? The decision is available in “5 Senses for Love” on Saturday 1.

It was at least as exciting in ProSieben as it is with “5 Senses for Love”. It was there that Jenke von Wilmsdorff met a young family man. But he has a mysterious secret.

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