The fifth season that promises to be slow and Bella Chow!

All good things come to an end, even the most successful on Netflix. To believe the first episodes of this final season, it is not said that the creators of the series managed to catch the breath of the beginnings. It’s time to complete the century heist.

Dalís, the thieves in distinctive red suits, are stuck in the Bank of Spain for more than a hundred hours. After four installments of ten episodes that have been distilled since 2017, Stealing money So, we’re still being held hostage for the release, on September 3, of the first part of season five (and final) – with the second expected to be on December 3. The first episode aptly named Burned Then the color announces: it is time to put an end to it.

Après le braquage de la Fabrique de la monnaie dans les deux premières saisons de la série, la dizaine de braqueurs aux noms de villes (Tokyo, Berlin, Rio, Nairobi …) et leur chef de clan à lunettes, le Professeur, ont old. They attacked the Bank of Spain from the third part, in order to free one of their number which is being held by the authorities.

If the first two seasons Stealing money Despite their weaknesses, they manage to create a surprise—even prompting Netflix to acquire the rights to the series that first aired on the Spanish channel Antena 3—but the writers, then, tend to falter. A series of inconsistencies or setbacks in unreasonable situations have become commonplace to the point of caricature. Season 4 also ended with Lisbon – an ex-cop, turned thief by crossing the Professor’s road – sneaking even as she was on her way to a very safe instant appearance.

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