videos |  Titan’s Last Hours: Music and the Darkness Before the Explosion

Rome – Darkness, music and sea creatures. So they spent The last moments of life The 5 passengers from TitanThe submarine exploded on Sunday, June 18th. to detect it Christine DaoudShehzadeh Daoud’s wife and Suleiman Daoud’s mother both died in the tragedy. The woman was supposed to accompany her husband on a tourist visit to the wreck of the Titanic, but decided to give up place for his son. in interview with the New York Times, Christine said little Shipment details.

In the video below, the experience of YouTuber DALLMYD, who this year took part in one of Titan’s flights.

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aboard Titan

In the days leading up to the tragedy, Passengers attended numerous safety meetings. Moreover, they were instructed on some of the procedures that needed to be taken on board the ship.

First, the participants were asked to adopt some specific eating behaviors, such as Follow a “low-residue diet” (low fiber) the day before the dive and Don’t drink coffee On the morning of departure. Even the clothes had to follow some guidelines. Because of the low temperatures they may encounter in the depths of the ocean, Passengers were expected to wear thick socks and a hat.

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Ocean GateAccording to Christine, she would send participants waterproof pants, an orange waterproof jacket, steel-toed boots, life jackets, and helmets. stockton rush, A pilot and co-founder of Ocean Gate, he generally sat in the stern of the submarine, far from the porthole. The other passengers were placed with their backs to the curved walls.

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Suleiman had also boarded the plane Rubik’s Cube While Shahzada camera.

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per passenger They were also asked to compose a music playlist on your phone, so you can play songs on your Bluetooth speaker while charging.

while diving The Titan’s headlights will be turned off to conserve battery power, until the submarine reached near the wreck of the Titanic. From the porthole, therefore, only passengers will see Darkness alternates with bioluminescent sea creatures.

As reported by The New York Times, Titan normally descends at a rate of 25 meters per minuteso whoever was on board did not feel any sense of movement.

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