Attentive to all fans Toy Story! Next year comes a new part of the universe of cinema’s most beloved saga. Disney launched the first Wednesday trailer from Light year.

Now, the original Buzz Lightyear will have its own movie, which will tell the story of Lightyear, the character who was inspired by the action character that appears in Disney’s Pixar saga.

In the first scene of this preview, a space station is observed where the sound indicates preparations for a ship to take off.

cut a… astronaut Who is preparing for a space mission? From close-ups on the suit we immediately conclude that she is the protagonist.

In the story, the light-year we see is smaller than that of the action character, so the film will likely focus on the beginning of his space race.

We also see that on their journeys to infinity and beyond, there is a traveling companion who also wears the memorable action figure’s signature outfit.

Lightyear’s classic phrase is not fully uttered in this preview, only the first part “To infinity and …” is revealed. Looks like the surprise will come later.

There are still no more details about the plot, but what is certain is that Chris Evans (Captain America) will provide his voice in English to bring the movie Lightyear to life.

This decision was not well received by Toy Story fans, who wondered why Tim Allen, Who played the voice of Buzz in the saga, was not selected.

The argument is that this sideshow will reveal the “real” life of the astronaut, and not be an extension of the Buzz-action character.

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The exact theatrical release date is not yet clear, but we know at some point 2022 will reach the box office.

Here we leave the trailer for you to enjoy the first moments of “Lightyear”.


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