The new trailer is for you if you like F-Zero and WipEout •

The new trailer shows you more game scenes from the futuristic racing game Redout 2.

Do you like games like F-Zero and WipEout? In that case, you might like the new trailer for the futuristic racing game Redout 2.

The latest video of the game introduces various aspects of the racing game sequel and of course shows the gameplay.

What does Redout 2 offer?

Compared to its predecessor, Redout 2 has twice as many locations (now ten) and routes in the opposite direction. In total there are 72 routes.

So that all players can enjoy it, there is an AI-powered control. You determine the sensitivity of various aspects such as accelerometer and adapt it to your needs.

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The six game modes that you can play in Redout 2’s career mode include Regular Races, Time Attack, Last Man Standing, and Bosses. Online multiplayer races for up to twelve players are also possible on “most platforms”.

You will also get more customization options for the vehicles in the game. There are about a dozen drivers to choose from, and each can still be customized individually.

No specific date has been set for the game yet. The only thing that is clear is that it should be released sometime in 2022 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.


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