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Telegram is getting a bunch of new features as part of its latest update. New features allow you to set themes for individual conversations, send interactive emojis, and record live streams and video chats. Telegram read receipts capability also works in the same way as WhatsApp with the latest change.

Telegram continues to add new features aimed at improving personalization, video recording, and other experiences. The latest update of the instant messaging app now lets you customize the look of specific chats, send interactive emojis, record live feeds and video chats, and other improvements.

One of the big changes in the latest update is the ability to record live broadcasts and video chats. The new feature is available to group admins and allows sharing of videos recorded in a group for all to see. Administrators have the option to record both video and audio, or just record audio. They can also change the orientation of the video.

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The latest improvement comes after Telegram increased the number of people who can join live broadcasts to 1,000 in the last month, among other capabilities. Recorded videos are automatically downloaded to your Saved Messages folder.

On the other hand, WhatsApp does not have the original ability to record video calls. If you want to save a copy of the video chat for those who missed the event, you will need a third-party app.

Telegram now also allows you to set a topic for a specific conversation in order to distinguish it from others. According to Telegram, there are eight new themes to choose from, with more in future updates.

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On Android phones, you can change the chat theme by tapping on the chat header, opening the three-dot menu, and then selecting “Change Colors”. These themes also include a day and night version and the ability to track the app’s dark mode settings.

You can also send someone an interactive emoji, like a heart or thumbs up, which will “play a full screen effect” when they click on it. If both parties have an open discussion, the animations and emoji vibrations will play simultaneously on their devices.

Telegram read receipts for group chats will work in the same way as WhatsApp. By clicking on a specific conversation, you can now see who viewed your message. When you see two checkmarks next to a post, it means that at least another member has viewed it.

The latest Telegram update is in progress.

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