The incredible journey of a herd of elephants, on the way north



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In China, an elephant herd has been walking in the wild and in the city for almost a month. They have already traveled 500 kilometers southwest of the country. Zoologists do not know why they left their existence.

The pictures are amazing: in China’s Yuan Province, elephants roam the middle of a residential area, even in the backyard at night. These wild animals have completely unusual behavior, often hunted for their skin. They are about twenty kilometers from the massive regional capital. To avoid any incident, the authorities have cut the roads and are trying to attract the animals to the less populated areas.

Chinese television follows the journey of a herd of 15 elephants, including three elephants, counting the damage. They have already been estimated, on Thursday, June 3, at 900,000 euros. Elephants have traveled 500 kilometers in almost a month. No one knows why they suddenly headed north. “In fact, this is the first time in history that we have seen such a situation, Explains Shane Kingjong from the Ecology Institute of the Shishuangpanna Nature Reserve (China). Everyone is wondering about the reasons. One can observe and read even more. “ Pachyderms originated from a natural reserve located in the south of the country.

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